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Our Building Services And You

What to expect from our Salisbury building and construction services

At Saul Brothers we think that it is really important, that you the client, know what you should expect from a builder, the team or even the professional services associated with building.

We have set out below the processes and our services:

Before Building Works Start

Before you start work you will need to check to see if you require planning permission and Building regulations. You could contact us to discuss your proposal or you could check on the following websites and It is best to plan works in advance so we always advise that you have drawings produced even for smaller tasks to ensure that everyone has the same understanding. The old expression a picture speaks a thousand words!

We offer a free design consultation. We will meet with you and discuss your proposed works. We will then provide you with a written quote for this service.

We offer a free initial consultation with one of our construction managers to discuss your proposed works. We will then provide you with a detailed written quote.

Should you wish to proceed with either of the above services we would then guide you through the process and help you fill out planning applications, building regulation applications, advise you if you need a structural engineer or any other specialist’s along the way. We like to be involved as early on as possible, so that we really understand the project as it develops.

We will offer you three previous customers to choose a reference from and arrange for you to go and visit them and look first hand at our work to give you peace of mind.

The Start

Just before the works start we like to have a meeting to discuss how the works will take place, so that you can plan around any noisy or disruptive activities. We aim to explain to you what to expect and listen to your needs so we know how best to avoid issue and manage your expectations. Please do remember that you would have invited us to your premises and asked us to alter it, so there will always be dust & noise (we just like to keep it to a minimum!)

We will only work under contract ensuring that all the information is gathered and included in one simple document. This document will ensure that the price is fixed, the works are detailed, the finances are set out clearly, how we deal with any variations and should issue arise how to deal with straightening it out.

We normally do not ask for any monies up front and we work in arrears. If a domestic customer we work in two week payment intervals and if a commercial client on a 28-day basis. We undertake valuations during the works at the suggested intervals to ensure that we are only being paid for works completed.

During The Works

We offer a full Project Management service. This is a chargeable service normally at 8 – 10 % of the project value. However there is a great difference between managing our staff and project management. We always ensure that our staff are managed and that we organise materials to ensure that we keep to our time schedules.

We aim to ensure that we manage our works on a daily basis so you don’t have to. We promise to ensure that there is staff on site every day and contact you the client on a regular basis to ensure that you are happy with the way things are moving forward.

We will liaise with any professional bodies such as Building Control as and when they require.

Should additional works be required we will always ensure that we have written to you and have your written consent in place prior to proceeding.

Towards the end of the job we will start to form a snagging and incomplete works list. We will work with you to ensure that the end result matches your expectations. We believe that if we snag as we go then there really should not be a list at the end!

On Completion Of The Works

As a responsible contractor we always ask that you retain a small amount of money from our payments during the works, typically 3 %. This is then released in two stages. Stage one 1.5% on completion and stage two 1.5% at the end of the defects period.

We offer a six months guarantee on fault of workmanship and any defects that may arise.

We send out to you a completion pack with all the certificates that you may need any instruction booklets for installed items and with a customer feedback questionnaire to ensure that we continually review our service.

We would hope at this stage you are fully satisfied and have found a builder for life!

Terms and conditions apply.